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I've taken several relaxing yoga classes over the years, but it wasn't until I attended Ching’s classes that I was truly able to relax both my body and my mind - Restorative Yoga with Ching has taught me that sometimes less is more. 


The restorative classes use long-held, supported resting poses to create relaxation and most importantly to release tension in the body and mind. 

For me this class has complemented my more vigorous work outs and helped to open and release the muscles so my mental and emotional body can follow suit. I find that after class my mind has been able to switch off for a while and I leave with more energy . 

Ching brings a calming ambiance to the class, even if you fall asleep during a pose, it is okay. We look at it as a time of rest, while still getting the physical benefits of the postures. 


I highly recommend practicing with Ching - The classes are suitable for  everyone and especially those who live a fast-paced lifestyle and who are seeking a way to slow down and breath . 


I first got to know Ching through stretch and technique classes. Unlike some instructors who force you to attain their ideal stretch positions sometimes neglecting the student’s condition that day, Ching allows us to slowly ease into every position and provide modifications where required. 

During this circuit breaker, I’ve also had the chance to attend Ching’s online barre, restore and private classes. Her barre routines will surprise and challenge each week, leaving me feeling the burn (LOVE IT). Nothing beats a good restore class after the burn to wind down. (Yes, I’ve fallen asleep a few times during restore class. Thankfully there’s the mute function on Zoom.)

In private classes, Ching corrects our positions and provides suggestions on how we can improve on our weaknesses. For instance, to balance on my ankles with my knees lifted,  I can practise by holding on to the chair/bed while attempting the pose. Through these sessions, I can feel my form and strength improving. 

THANK YOU Ching! Looking forward to our next class! 


Ching is a very knowledgeable, patient and attentive teacher with an infectious vibe.  During our training sessions, I highly appreciate that Ching encourages me to have fun, while pushing me to achieve more (taking account of my feedback/capabilities/limitations), and educating me on important issues like proper form and recovery. 

Outside of our training sessions, Ching remains very approachable and generous with her time, often imparting her extensive knowledge not only on fitness but also general health and wellness, as well as sharing ideas on how I can achieve my goals.  As someone who values strength straining, I am infinitely grateful to have Ching guiding me to a more rounded and sustainable fitness lifestyle.


 I love it that Ching is full of energy and radiates positive energy all the time. As an expectant mother, you will definitely be hit by bad days, physically or mentally, and going into a prenatal/restorative yin class with Ching always does the trick! I feel a lot more relaxed and at the same time stronger after a class with her and would highly recommend Ching to any pregnant mummies out there who want to be challenged, or just need that dash of encouragement as we move along our pregnancies. 


Ching is very patient with her students and there wasn’t a moment where I felt embarrassed I couldn’t do certain poses/moves as she was encouraging, providing me with options that suited my condition. 

Ching also always strikes a fine balance between pushing you a little more and rewarding you with a good stretch at the end of her sessions. 


Although it has only been 6 months of regularly excerising for me, I’ve managed to try out a variety of classes from Ching such as Restorative Yoga, Dynamic F(light), Dynamic Flow and Stretch & Align . Each of these classes have their unique flavour. Compared to other classes I have been to, I feel Ching pays extra attention to the moves we’re doing and corrects us on the spot, ensuring we’re working the right muscles. On site classes she loves to give our body a gentle push and light head massages, these little added touch I very much look forward to. She’s also someone who is very open to feedback both online and onsite. 


It’s been a great 2020 embarking on my fitness journey together with Ching and here’s a shout out to her for always giving the best to us! Thank you so much, looking forward to many more lessons ahead!

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