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Waiting patiently

Doing and trusting the process

Patience. Is something that requires great skills to have in one. Quite often we feel frustrated, anxious or even annoyed when waiting for things to come or even at a process that isn’t happening as we like it to.

This can range from the taxi driving coming late to fetch you to relationships in your life that isn’t working out because one is failing to accept the flaws of another. I am sure there are many examples in a day where your patience is being tested.

I experience this a lot here in Singapore and for those that have relocated here, I am sure you feel the same way from way from time to time. That is getting use to the crowds here! Coming to a place where the population has almost tripled I am finding the traffic jams, crowds in the public transport and even queuing up for my groceries tests my patience. Not to mention when you are walking and the person in front of you is going super slow or on their phone! But I do understand and hope that with time I will be better at it after all I did spend 6 months in Shanghai which was a little more challenging. So my patience is being put to the test daily.

I have recently made new friends here too and most of them are in their early to mid 20’s; patience for them is the challenge in seeking a relationship with the opposite sex. Its fascinating as this is the age they do feel its time to find someone to settle down with. So they are actively looking and the dating apps are huge here. Though the are on the look out patience is something they must practice in their lives which doesn’t come easy. So perspective is important to give them the confidence not to follow the norms of society and rush into things.

For myself, being an entrepreneur means patience and having trust in the process. Its about taking action to give it your all, watching and analysing the results but also noting that everything adds up to something eventually. Not to be disheartened when your expectations are not met. Nothing is ever wasted in life and that is the reason why people struggle with being patient. The moment they feel that things are not working, they give up and move on as they don’t want to waste anymore time. But being patient not only leads to a physical victory but a personal one of growth. When the results come you are in a position to receive it.

With that I know patience can be a challenge but surely we can try to get better at it. Here are some tips that I have found useful in developing the art of being patient. Note I am human and there are days where its a little off but the most important thing is I know I have these tips that can help me:

  • Never ever give up. That is whatever goals you have in life go for it. The journey may change as you discover new ways (or even better ways) of doing things but the destination shouldn’t.

  • Practice self talk – keep reminding yourself that patience will always pay off. Think back to previous experiences where this has happened.

  • Practice delayed gratification. That is resisting the temptation for a short term gain and waiting for a more enduring gain later.

  • Recognise when you are being impatient and rectify this. Being impatient can occur with thoughts, words and even the action you take. For example stop thinking that this isn’t going to work (after all you are what you attract) and focus your thoughts on creatively thinking of other ways in doing things.

  • Surround yourself with those that have walked the path to learn, get support and mentored by key individuals. As mastering patience comes with a change in attitude and your perspective of life, having a group of people that share their life experiences with you gives you not only hope but faith and trust in the process.

Remember be consistent with what you do, after all when you make great causes good things really come to those who wait.

“Don't be disheartened when things don't go your way. Focus on your strengths, your journey and trust the process”

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