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I'm Ching and I’ve been in love with moving all my life! 

I have a passion for low impact exercises and have always been fascinated about how you can use your own body in dynamic but gentle movements to still get an effective and sweaty workout (with some burn too)! 

Exercises such as yoga, barre and pilates gave me this and I decided to get certified in all three areas so I could personally formulate what I love and share the amazing experience with others. 


It has also been my goal to create a community and space for others to find their peace through restoration and I now provide this through restorative yoga, prenatal and postnatal care as well as health coaching. I truly believe everything is connected holistically, from the food we eat, to our movement, mindset and overall lifestyle. When this is balanced, it is wellness at its best. 

Everyone can live in great health. Whether you have just recovered from an injury, have never done exercise before or just had a baby (or is about to), I encourage you to move well, eat well and indulge in a generous serving of self-care. 


Hatha Yoga, Aura Wellness Centre

Yin Yoga, Santosha Yoga Institute

Yoga Therapy, Santosha Yoga Institute

Meditation,  Santosha Yoga Institute

Ayurveda,  Santosha Yoga Institute

Yoga Nidra,  Santosha Yoga Institute

Pilates Mat 1, Power Pilates 

Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Bliss Baby Yoga &  Santosha Yoga Institute

Barre, Booty Barre 

Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition (Holistic Health and Nutrition School) 

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